Ekiga 3.2.5 available

The fifth release of Ekiga 3.2 is available. Please find hereunder the list of changes:

  • Fixed very low rate video transmission
  • Fixed possible crash in LDAP
  • Fixed possible crash in presence
  • Fixed simultaneous reads from different threads in jitter code
  • Fixed possible crash when idle
  • Fixed possible crash when accepting a call
  • Fixed possible deadlock in SIP handlers
  • Fixed possible freeze when calling out
  • Fixed URL displayed in the URI bar when calling out
  • Fixed crash when using G726-16 audio codec
  • Fixed multiple registrations with the same registrar using different user names
  • Allows user to choose system iLBC
  • Fixed window resizing in chat when entering very long words
  • Fixed linking of sbc plugin with libsamplerate
  • Fixed compilation with gtk 2.12
  • Fixed compilation with gcc 4.4
  • Windows and Solaris specific fixes
  • Added a small script, ekiga-debug-analyser, which only displays the packets exchanged from a Ekiga debug output
  • Other minor fixes
  • Updated translations: bn_IN, el, or
  • Updated help translations: el

Special thanks to Robert Jongbloed, from ptlib/opal team, for the various fixes in OPAL and PTLIB.